Perfection and Perception


I think God has opened our eyes both to the freedom in perfection and also the restriction in reality. I’ve always said that the worst thing you can give a prisoner is a window. I think that’s essentially what we all are…prisoners with windows.

There’s a restriction to this whole earth thing, but there is also this beautiful ability to negotiate space. You with me?

It’s almost like the difference between a small cell and a large field surrounded by a fence. Both are cells… the difference is, one denies you the right to lie to yourself. Sometimes I see the world as a cell…to “stay up” is this constant battle – But grace is space.

I think that the “pursuit” of happiness is more related to our innate need to run. It’s about running towards a feeling, happiness or completion – I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Life will never be better than heaven…but it can always be better than now.
I mean…prisoners escape right?

Let God widen your fence.


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