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Road Blocks v. Mind Blocks


Road Blocks v. Mind Blocks

This week has taught me a lot about the difference between these two concepts…

If I drove my car into a road that was blocked, this is a road block. If I turn the car around and forget that I have the ability to get out of the car and walk past the sign, that’s an issue with my mind. I think mind blocks are the most dangerous.

Road blocks are everywhere, problem is you only see them when you try to make progress. This process of progress takes strength in itself, so any form of roadblock has the power to deplete your motivation. They also give you an “opt-out” – a justification to stop moving.

I guess a couple times this week i’ve felt like this. But i’ve recently just realised that the strength needed to break through needs to be unjustified, especially when your aspiration is statistically improbable. The people at the peak of mountains look like they’re chilling, but really they’re just resting they’re feet.

Jumping over blocks ain’t easy. I think that’s the essence of success – no sleep but the best dreams. Road blocks don’t stop you from sleeping on the road.

…Get out the car.