(M)™ Artist Feature: KIDD


About Kidd:

Being born to a Puerto Rican father and Hungarian mother and raised in what we all know as “Sin City” – Las Vegas, Nevada, has afforded this teenager a unique life experience and musical palette. At the age of eight years old he began to show interest in music by sneaking around his older brother’s home studio, and eventually began taking rapping serious at age 12. KIDD then became popular within his local community and began performing live events for teens. With so much popularity at a young age and in a city so concentrated in sin, he eventually got caught up himself and started smoking weed and partying.

KIDD then turned to a local outreach church by the name of Victory Outreach. After being born again, KIDD looked to change his views on life and the content of his music. KIDD was included on Rapzilla.com’s 12 Freshman of 2012 after releasing a slew of impressive free songs and music videos in 2011 including “Dreamer Lifestyle,” “Grace” featuring west coast veteran Sevin, “Luke Flow,” and a well received feature on Black Knight’s song “Swerv.” At only 16 years old, KIDD posses the talent, vision, and wisdom that many find in much more experienced peers and has something special to bring to the world for years to come. KIDD’s musical influences range from music from his musical father to his more current influences of Lupe Fiasco, Sho Baraka, and Swoope. Taking his influences and adding his personality and creativity, KIDD plans to use music to speak to the youth of the world not by musical sermons but through crafty wordplay, vivid imagery, and challenging music. Lyrically awaking today’s generation from the film that mainstream media has pulled over their eyes, while still embracing his faith in Christ is his passion.

Yeah..I love Kidd

I love the Infiltrate Music movement.

Listen to the words.

….Stay alive to the future.

The free EP, ‘Hipsavvy: The Introduction’ will be available on July 4th at http://noisetrade.com/kidd on Infiltrate Music.

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