#PFTW: FloEBSist – I Thought I Knew What Love Was (Part One)


I thought your kisses were the gateway to Zion.
I thought your smile parted the clouds.
I thought your touch left imprints that elephants could chill in.
I thought the bass of your voice made the ground tremble.
I thought your shoulders could hold up the earth.

I thought those butterflies that had set up camp in my abdomen would flap their wings so hard we’d both be swept away in the most refreshing winds that ever blew.
I thought that slight tachycardia I felt in your presence meant that our love would circulate more rapidly.

I thought I could breathe you in, that I could fill my lungs with your air.
I thought you were my oxygen and without you I was blue.
I thought thoughts of you were meant to infiltrate this grey matter, filling what had previously seemed to be a blank canvas with colour only Pop Artists could be comfortable with.
I thought you were the solution to my every problem,
I thought x = u
So I couldn’t C Y it wasn’t meant to B.

It was only after I removed my rose tinted glasses that I saw red.
Looked through these optical illusions and gained new perspective.
No prescription could be written to save us.

We were terminal.


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