FloEBSist – Joy Comes In The Morning


Have you ever felt like your eyelids were too heavy to lift?
Like tiny anchors were hanging off of your eyelashes?
Your body wants to remain in port while your mind is boarding stars.
Gravity is playing a double agent; fighting to keep your mind from venturing into the galaxy but keeping your body grounded, unable to get up.

Unfortunately the turning point of this war must be reached.
The day. Has begun.
Fatigue and morning dew become allied troops in a war that must be won by willpower.
The victory parade accompanied by birdsong.
The soundtrack of the dawn.
Ad libbed by yawns of course.
That familiar stretch and groan is the first verse of a track you’ve heard before and you groove to it.
Shake it off then you move to it.

One step. Two step.

Before you know it you’ve reached the window and looked out into the vacant distance.
A new adventure on the horizon alongside the sun.
Mother Nature providing the perfect backdrop to the indeterminable. Picture the possibilities of the day and look towards them.
Oh I see.
It’s the A.M.

written by FloEbsist



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