One Accord


My mind and body are talking again.

Belief has recieved me.
Faith knocks on doors without locks.
Encores of hope applause my flaws as they depart dearly.
Grace clears me without denying my knowledge.
Prophets prophecy profit.
I pay homage to the old me.

Only I will know what only God does.

Only I know what life owes me.
Breath is a painful privilege if it’s all you have.
I’m thanking the man
Upstairs, that my life has replaced existence.
My body is in a prism of submission
The victims of the past told me that pain doesent last.
My mind, heart and feet are no longer on their knees.
Recovery beds serve against regret.
Redemption says fear is next.

I believe. In belief.

My mind and my body unify.
Collaborative efforts say hi
To flight.
My fear is subdued by an intense need to see the moon.
Flesh and the spirit no longer commited to the warzone I once called home.

Peace reigns where I dey.

Praise be to the king.


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