Mel(l)o(w)dic™ x Anonymous – I Used To Love Him


I used to love him.

I loved him because he showed me something I never knew.
Our love was a way of life.
The beginning of an eternal routine.
He was the key to what was locked.
The keeper of my soul.
The air I breathed.
The new centre of my world.
So when it all ended,
I felt like I had lost it all.

Everything he taught me was just a dream he sold.
I was just a sheep he counted .
The one that passed by.
The one that you never intended to see again.

I loved him.

Even when he walked away.
When he wiped away our history.
When he broke my heart and trampled on the cracks.
When he said I was a regret and that he would never want me back.

I used to love him.

Because I thought his love was the only love I knew.
That it could never be found again but thats not true.
The love of my creator is all that I need. For who am I that you are mindful of me?

I am content because that part of my life is over.
And that he who truly loves me will make my life beautiful.

I used to love him.

Piece written by a very talented Anonymous : )


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