(M)™ Feature – Catching Flies


Catching Flies makes music that pleasures your ears – it’s a free flowing mesh of broody electronics, intricate rhythms that contains shades of everything from hip-hop to house, from soul to jazz.

The 22 year old musician, producer and DJ decided to self release his first EP, The Stars, and it was a decision that paid off with full support coming in across the blogosphere. Now downloaded an impressive 18, 000 times, it was followed up with a remix of Jill Scott’s ‘Golden’ which turned the head of 6Music’s Giles Peterson and got played on his show, as well as being used by DJ Lefto in his Brownswood Electr*c Podcast.
This year started on a high note, with London’s famed Urban Nerds declaring Catching Flies as One to Watch in 2013 and he has also recently taken over the 22 Tracks site, offering up a wide selection of music for people to explore, and has just released his latest EP. The Long Journey Home – played on Radio 1 by the likes of B Traits – is an intimate and tender fusion of organic instruments and synthesised sound, stuffed with real world ambiance and texture on the Indigo Soul label. It’s a really dreamy, heartfelt trip as is a DJ or live show from this hotly tipped talent. So far he has played festivals like Soundwave in Croatia and many other events around his London hometown, but you sense that this is only the beginning….

Im a serious fan of this guy. Check out his sounds below and reach out. Super cool peoples.





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