“Lexy, what do you want to be in the future?”
In a world where you must know, not to know is no joke.
I say I don’t know with a straight face.
I turn around and smirk though,
because they don’t know –
My future’s so bright, I refuse to look at it.
Raybans for maybachs
Aviators for aviation.
Baby, i’m leaving on a jet plane
and I still don’t know the way.
All I know is that i’m afraid of heights,
so this fear is kinda nice.
You can’t see my face so take my word for it.
I’m smiling as I,
Work with my head down,
concentrating on the floor.
I wanna remember this obsolete concrete in my dreams.
I need these memories for my testimony.
Every flight starts on the ground,
Welcome to my departure lounge.


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