Mel(l)o(w)dic™ x Caleb Oluwafemi


King Apathy

My motivation to be here has always been forever clear
Now it’s gone, as if it was never there.
Like it grew legs and walked out
And I don’t care, there’s no urge to shed a tear.
Now I can’t think of a single reason in hell or heaven
Why I should get up out of this leather chair.
Cos I love this leather chair, it’s brown and was owned by old folk
It embraces and bewitches me with its smell of old oak.
Like a park bench,
This chair is my fortress of solitude and I am its Clark Kent.
Something snapped and now university lectures are no longer my style.
I’ll skip that for a seminar by Doctor Jeremy Kyle
So I can take notes from those who have set the bar in being unmotivated.
Forget uni, I will now become a connoisseur of all things uncultivated.
Because something snapped and waged war on the four kingdoms of my brain
And declared a new regime where apathy will now reign.
And unless the ceiling began to rain,
I will take no showers,
I will sit in my leather chair for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours
Until my skin germinates flowers
Something snapped and I woke up void, emptied of drive.
No fuel, the engine deprived;
Now my apathy steers me
On to the road where doing work actually scares me.
So nothing gets done and I am content with the fact that I am bored.
Nothing gets done and Procrastination himself begins to applaud.
I’m sat in this chair not knowing where my skin and this leather parted ways.
Then I realise that that smell wasn’t because I haven’t bathed in days.
I stand corrected,
That is the smell of my brain fermented.
Something snapped and that’s to say the least.
My brain is now yeast.

Piece written by Caleb Oluwafemi (@Sometime_ish)


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