Mel(l)o(w)dic™ Thought (4)


They told us the sky was blue,
we didn’t argue and offered no alternative as a substitute.
We didn’t know why, we just did.
So imagine my surprise when I saw this…
The empirical scientific thought process rules in its prevalence,
being the belief that a thesis can only be proved true with evidence.
So now I will teach my children that the sky is whatever colour they choose,
and DARE a teacher to argue.
The ground is blue, the clouds are pink.
Blissfully backwards, but we see where we walk
While amaro filtered colours cover the floor.
The concrete is a bouncy castle so
I suggest,
That you learn to understand this spring in my step…
Backwards is forward in a world where forward thinking is backwards
So laugh until your laughter is unjustified…
While we use the back of our heads to hold our eyes.
The world is what I want it to be and more,
My life is mine,
my mind is the law.


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