Mel(l)o(w)dic™ x FloEBSist



You know…
love is one of the most confusing things ever. We vie for each others attention in the hope that someone notices us enough to care. Then we fall, stumble, collapse into this mile wide, seemingly neverending abyss of feeling and at first we’re blissfully unaware of the drop but then we realise and fall…happily so almost in euphoria.
Cheshire Cat smiles illuminating our faces, blind to the fact that at the bottom of this pit is spikes and pillows and only time will tell which one we land on and even when you land safely you have to work out if they landed too. Knowing that if they didn’t then you would have to mastermind your way up these walls with no footholds, ankle weights in the form of emotional baggage pulling you down and you struggle to climb but climb you must. Finally reaching a plateau that you tell yourself is the peak but it isn’t and then you lose your footing when you envisage someone similar to you helping them up and out.
But we keep climbing.
The confusion lies in why do we do this? The probability of us landing on pillows is minute. And if we do escape then where do we go from there?
do we let ourselves experience the euphoric fall again?
Do we cement over all the holes? Questions questions,
seemingly unanswerable questions.

– Piece written by FloEBSist.


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