Mel(l)o(w)dic™ Thought (3)

What do you want?
I get asked this question quite regularly. I look around and try to answer with dreams that aren’t too far fetched. Do you get that sometimes? The need to hold hands with reality just for stability? Just so your fall isn’t showcased. Just so you can live comfortably in mediocrity with no grazes, and avoid the pitiful gazes of those who you told! Those who know…
exactly what you want.
No one wants to trip up, so no one chases. Scared of vacant unrecognisable faces, so we face this…realistic achievement.

“I’ll get there reasonably. I’ll go through here, and after that, I’ll do this”

Truth is,
The fact that you know the road, doesn’t mean you know where you’re going.
Faith is fearless. Fear less.


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