Mel(l)o(w)dic™ Thought (2)


On The Road.

On the road.
The road to gain.
My tentative steps
May suggest,
a need to forget,
why the title has that five letter word in it…

Oxymorons’ve got me feeling stupid.
To get up, is only to fall first.
I fell first
Felt thirst
Tasted dirt
Engaged in hurt.
Grazed knees and ached feet,
Defeat or perseverance?
A smile per severance,
Illustrates the prevalence
Of my sentence.
Sentences stay sentencing,
It’s only emotion that sent us in.
Dreams to prevail paid bail.
I’m out, and on the road…

Walking with my eyes closed now.
Apathy or reality?
There’s no turn I don’t know
My heart has gone cold
I know this road
This road knows me.
The visual echoes of my stumbling feet
Encore the sandy floors.
I kick the ground just to watch the sand surround…
I saw blurry vision.
Invoking optical illusions
to avoid emotional intrusions
Dusty glasses,
I got that clothe and spray
But ooh this joyful daze.
Joyful days.
Self-inflicted pain.
On the road.

Now i’m walking and I can’t see any more footprints.
I’m further then i’ve ever been.
Right leg, left leg. Forward.
Push away with your back foot.
While fear grips me.
Or gripped me.
‘Cos for about 20 years now,
I’ve been walking,
On this road.
The road that never ends.
Took me a while to realise
Now I find,
That this road,
Is life.
We will vent but only after pitching tents.
We will fear defeat but only after sleep.
we’ll walk and we’ll grow.
So yeah,
we on the road…
But it’s the only way we’ve ever known.


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