Beauty x Benches


If beauty exists, and there’s no one to see it…is it really even there?

Lately i’ve been blessed enough to come across so many amazing and talented individuals. Individuals who either harbour talents that they don’t accept, or talents that they don’t believe others will.

Fear of opinion and fear of failure are essentially the main components of stagnancy. Fear is like a weird prison. The walls are as wide as you want them to be – the cell doors are always open…but the bed is so comfortable.

I genuinely believe everyone has a passion or gift or atleast something they would do for free. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but I do genuinely believe in the utility of pleasing your soul, independent of worldly attainment or daily schedules.

No-one lines up pre-conception and asks God for a particular passion. Passions are distributed in alignment with our purposes in life. No one’s saying it must be your 24/7; but blessings should be nurtured.

I don’t know where I’m going with this because as I write, all I hear is contradictions. I know there are holes in this argument. Not all passions will feed you and sometimes in life we need to be practical. But avoidance is deception.

I watched a video yesterday. The video was taken by a millionaire, in this video he was showing the world his watches/money and generally just promoting his own wealth. I was really struck by this.
This constant attainment of wealth is so futile if you aren’t fulfilled. This man casually pulled out a million dollars out of his bag, but still felt the need to justify himself, essentially glorying only in the awe of others. It’s all void. Black cards and red hearts – they’re not necessary linked.

Don’t get me wrong. Attain and elevate through grace, but let there be some substance to your climb. Feed your gifts/talents and passions. Feed and fear them. Fear the feeling of being unfulfilled.

If you write, (with wisdom) take some time out and write; same for if you draw, produce, dance, sing etc.
Create something that you can sit back and smile at.

So back to the question.
If beauty exists and there’s no one to appreciate it, is it really there?

I would say beauty is innate. Needing a person to see it implies beauty needs an opinion to be validated. If beauty exists, it exists; as is the case with our passions.

Thus if you are passionate about something, whether or not YOU recognise it…it can’t be ignored.
And if passions exist independent of opinion – not much can link our passion to fear.

So benches are unnecessary but there’s no harm in grabbing a mirror.



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